Frequently Asked Cake Questions

How do I order a cake?

Call (210)215-0394 or email orders AT ( replace AT with @ )to set up a meeting. We will discuss the particulars of your event and budget. A non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required for all orders. For specialty and Grand Event Cakes, a deposit must be made to secure the date before we begin the intricate design process. All cake designs/drawings remain property of Josie Cothren.

When do I pay for a cake?

A deposit is required to hold the date for any cake order. Basic Celebration Cakes must be paid in full 48 hours prior to the event if delivered or at time of pick up. Specialty/Grand Event Cakes must be paid in full TWO WEEKS before the event. All cake details must be finalized at this point. If you have not paid on time, I reserve the right to cancel your order. You will forfeit any monies paid. We accept CASH as well as major credit cards.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

I can book up to a year in advance for popular weekends. I strictly limit the number of cakes made each week. As a small, one-woman operation you can be sure your date will not be overbooked and that your cake will receive the personalized attention you deserve. In general, I require a MINIMUM of three weeks' notice for all cake orders.

Why is there a minimum charge for some of your cakes?

I work hard for my clients. A great deal of time is dedicate to consultations, finalizing details, design work, and preparation leading up to the completion of each cake. I have to make sure that I cover all the initial base costs of doing a cake.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available. I deliver my cakes personally to insure that they arrive in the best condition and, when needed, are assembled properly. Contact me to find out if delivery to your venue or location is possible. Please note, I do not ship my cakes at this time.

Can I taste the cake?

We do offer tasting consultations. For our base consultation clients may choose 2 flavors to try with fillings and icings. You can try more, but there will be a charge for each additional option.

Are there benefits to using sugar paste flowers or figures?

They can last indefinitely if stored properly. They can be a keepsake.

Can I use fresh flowers?

If you decide to use fresh flowers on your cake, your florist will need to arrange them on your cake. Remember that some flowers are toxic and it is best that they are used with a special floral cage or laid on the cake and not poked in.

Can you make “fake tiers” to make my cake look bigger?

We can, but since these tiers require the same amount of care and decoration as the rest of the cake, the cost will be as if it is real cake.

When do you bake the cakes? Do you freeze them?

Each cake is baked no sooner than 48 hours prior to the event to allow the cakes time to firm up for construction. I do not own a walk-in freezer – I chill cakes to let the flavors develop, then decorate them for the event.

What if my event is outdoors?

I must strongly recommend that you not put your cake outside. Heat and humidity can harm cakes dramatically. For best results, keep your cake inside in a cool place (below 75 degrees). If you choose to display your cake outdoors, it could melt or be damaged by wind, bugs, or rain just to name a few things. You will have to sign a release for me to do your cake.

How do I transport the cake?

I recommend that you place your cake on a flat surface like the floorboard or flat hatch area of your van, SUV, or car. Do not transport it in a hot car during the summer months. Never put it on the seat of your car! Delivery can be arranged for most cakes. If you do arrange for pick up of a Specialty/ Grand Event cake instead of delivery, I am not responsible for the cake after it leaves my possession.

Do you accept all cake orders?

It is impossible to do everything. I reserve the right to refuse any order from any customer for any reason.

What if I must cancel my order?

If you cancel the order prior to the final payment due date, I will give you a credit for all monies received minus the non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit portion of the monies paid. If you cancel after the final payment due date, you will forfeit all monies paid.